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Pika Édition, a subsidiary of Hachette Livre and one of the leaders in the French manga market, is joining forces with Grupo Anaya, Hachette’s Spanish subsidiary, to launch a new manga label: Pika Ediciones.


Lagardère Publishing

Vanves and Madrid, July 9, 2024


Pika Édition has worked closely with Grupo Anaya, the Spanish branch of the Hachette Livre group, on this ambitious project, bringing its expertise in the manga market, its solid network of Japanese partners and its editorial quality. Grupo Anaya, for its part, is lever-aging its in-depth knowledge of the Spanish market as well as its distribution power, demonstrated by its success with the Asterix albums in Spain. Pika Ediciones will be managed from France, with a dedicated team on site, working closely with the Grupo Anaya teams.


Pika Ediciones will offer a diverse editorial line aimed at both adults and a younger audience. In 2025, Pika Ediciones will introduce and promote genres that are underrepresented in Spain, such as love-comedy and shôjo, two genre where Pika Edition is a leader in France.Pika Edition and Grupo Anaya are determined to make Pika Ediciones a key player in the Spanish manga market by offering quality titles that will captivate both the general public and manga fans.

Virginie Daudin-Clavaud, CEO of Pika Édition: “We are extremely excited to launch Pika Ediciones in Spain. This collaboration with Grupo Anaya allows us to bring our passion and expertise in manga to a new audience while benefiting from the solid distribution and dissemination infrastructure of our partner. We are confident that this strategic alliance will open up exciting new opportunities for Spanish readers.”

Luisa Gutiérrez Hermosa, Directora Editorial Grupo Anaya: “ This joint project within Hachette Livre creates an excellent new manga imprint in line with Grupo Anaya’s current transformation process whose objective is to continue to grow with our offer. We look forward to the development of Pika Ediciones catalogue that will have a great impact on Spanish “otakus” and general readers alike”.


October :
”The Fable,” Armed with his favorite gun, a carbon-colored Nighthawk, Fable is a professional assassin feared by the Japanese under-world… A thriller by Katsuhisa Minami, with 22 volumes available. Audience: adult. The series has an anime available on Disney+.”Wistoria Wand and Sword,” A series of magic and battles written by Fujino Ōmori and illustrated by Toshi Aoi. 10 volumes and counting. Suitable for all audiences. The anime adaptation will be available on Crunchyroll in July.

November :
”Orient Samurai Quest,” Japan, 15th century. The world is in the hands of the oni, terrifying demons who, nevertheless, are worshipped as gods by the people, who know nothing of their evil nature. A fantasy series by Shinobu Ohtaka, 22 volumes and counting. This manga has an animated series available on Crunchyroll.”Tsureneko Maruru to Hachi,” a series with 5 volumes by Sonoda Yuri and in development. The series tells the moving story of two cats: Maruru, a comfy house cat, and Hachi, an experienced stray cat, facing the obstacles of life on the streets. For all audiences.lic.

Pika Édition is a publishing house specializing in manga, belonging to the Hachette Livre group since 2007. Since its beginning, Pika Edition has offered a wide range of series in various styles. It is the publisher of iconic series such as GTO, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, and Blue Lock, which have marked recent years with their success.With over 1,800 titles in its catalog and more than 300 new releases per year, Pika Edition is today one of the leaders in the manga market in France.

Grupo Anaya is the leader on education and culture market in Spain. It has been present in the education sector for over sixty years, covering all areas of its ecosystem and bringing culture to as many people as possible. It belongs to Hachette Livre since 2004 and, with more than 30 publishing imprints, including Alianza Editorial, Cátedra, and Larousse, alongside recently established imprints like Contraluz and Faeris, Grupo Anaya is at a key moment of growth, entering a new market with great potential.

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