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In 2023, the Lagardère group continued to roll out its CSR strategy, based on four pillars:

1. Limiting the environmental impact of products and services 

The Group works towards a pragmatic, environmentally-driven commitment that is relevant to its business activities, focusing on three fronts: climate change, responsible resource management (especially paper and plastics, waste reduction, recycling) and an environmentally responsible approach to the food chain.

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2. Placing people at the heart of its strategy 

The Lagardère group has a policy of actively promoting diversity and inclusion, and has made the fight against sexism in the workplace one of the major thrusts of its gender balance policy. Meanwhile, its day-to-day involvement in developing its employees’ skills also plays a role in attracting and retaining talent.

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3. Sharing the social and cultural diversity of our businesses 

The Lagardère group promotes access to education and knowledge while defending freedom of speech, pluralism of ideas and cultural diversity through the content it produces and distributes, as well as through its various partnerships and cultural and social solidarity programmes.

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4. Ensuring ethical and responsible corporate governance

The Lagardère group is committed to growing its business in accordance with the leading quality, compliance and ethical standards, while endeavouring to seize all the opportunities that arise in addressing the related issues.

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