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Dear Shareholders, this section has been created to provide you with information about the Group’s results, along with a complete set of practical guidelines for holders of Lagardère shares.

Euronext Paris 6/14/2024
5:55:00 PM GMT
Lagardère : 20.75 € -3.71%

SBF 120 : 5,678.92 pts -2.75%

CAC 40 : 7,503.27 pts -2.66%

2024 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

The shareholders attended the Company’s Annual Ordinary General Meeting, which took place at 10:00 am (Paris time) on Thursday, 25 April 2024 at the Folies Bergère, 32 rue Richer, 75009 Paris, France.

The documents and information about the General Meeting required by laws and regulations are posted on the page accessible via the link below.

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Sharinbox in brief :

– consult and manage your shareplan portfolio
– trade your shareplans through a real-time direct link to the stock markets
– update your personal details
– amend your personal details
– amend your password
– view your account information and transaction history
– access online documentation


Société Générale Securities Services

32, rue du Champ de Tir – CS 30812
44308 Nantes Cedex 3 – France

+33 (0) 2 51 85 67 89 (non-surcharged number)

Shareholders’ Consultative Committee

In 1997, the Lagardère group formed a Shareholders’ Consultative Committee representing individual shareholders.
The Committee’s objectives are to:

  • improve financial communications between the Group and its shareholders;
  • reflect on shareholders’ expectations and their perception of the Group and its investor relations policy (financial results, strategy, the Annual General Meeting, etc.).

The Committee consists of representatives of individual shareholders along with representatives of Lagardère.
Anyone interested in becoming a member and participating in the Committee’s work should contact the Investor Relations Department via the Investor Relations section of the website.