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There is a newcomer to the Mr. Men and Little Misses family: Little Miss Hug!


Lagardère Publishing

Paris, April 24, 2014

A new work full of tenderness and the joy of living

At one month of the Mother’s Day, Little Miss Hug is here to remind us that the greatest gift might just be a hug

Little Miss Hug is always ready to give out hugs: when everything is going well, of course, as well as to comfort such friends as Mr. Small and Mr. Bump. for example. But one day, she meets Mr. Grumpy, who hates hugs. How can that be? Little Miss Hug does everything she can to change his mind!

Little Miss Hug
For ages 4 and up
138 x 127/40 pages
Price: €2.39

The amazing meeting of two heroines

Little Miss Hug was born of a collaboration between Adam Hargreaves, the son of the creator of the Little Misses and Mr. Men, and Yuko Yamaguchi, the regular illustrator of Hello Kitty. The two legendary worlds meet up in one book…

Hello Kitty joins her best friend Little Miss Hug for a day of fun and laughter. At Hello Kitty’s house, in the park and at the funfair, the two friends have a lovely day.

Mme Câlin & Hello Kitty
Limited edition
For ages 4 and up
210 x 287 /24 pages
Price: €3.95
Publication date: 2 May 2014

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About the Mr. Men and Little Misses family
They are small and varied, but despite their very set personalities they always have a big smile no matter what happens. They are the Mr. Men and Little Misses, a large family of characters that embody human attitudes with accuracy and humour. Their good-natured mischievousness and endearing expressions are a joy for children. 

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