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The Mr. Men and Little Misses celebrate their anniversary!


Lagardère Publishing

Paris, March 8, 2012

They are small, they are many and, despite their very set personalities, they always have a big smile, no matter what happens.

They are the Mr. Men and Little Misses, a big family of characters that embody human attitudes with accuracy and humour.

Their good-natured mischievousness and endearing expressions are a joy for children and heart-warming for their parents!

With one book sold every 10 seconds, or 3,735,000 copies sold in 2011, this is one of the most popular, best-selling series for parents and children alike.

This year, they are celebrating a happy event: the 30th anniversary of their arrival in France!


Monsieur Madame - Hachette Jeunesse - Hachette Livre - Lagardère Publishiing

In honour of this anniversary, Hachette Jeunesse, and the show Les Zouzous on France 5 are holding a MAJOR CONTEST.

THE GRAND PRIZE: YOUR OWN STORY PRINTED IN A REAL BOOK, plus the entire collection of Mr. Men and Little Misses books, and many other prizes…

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