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The Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation enters partnership with Cinéma Pour Tous


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Paris, 26 juin 2008

The Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation is pleased to announce its support for the development of Cinéma Pour Tous (Cinema for All), a non-profit association founded by journalist Isabelle Giordano.

The foundation will work together with Cinéma Pour Tous to develop a new “sports and film” programme for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Films with a sports theme will be shown in Paris and its outlying suburbs, followed by discussions hosted by top-ranked athletes from Lagardère Paris Racing and TeamLagardère.

According to Renaud Leblond, director of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation, “This partnership is a perfect match for one of the foundation’s main missions: to make sports a catalyst for social cohesion and cultural empowerment.”

Isabelle Giordano expressed her conviction that “film, like sports, can raise the public’s awareness and give new meaning to values like tolerance and respect for others. In short, film can serve as a vehicle for changing society.”

Giordano offered further details on this partnership on Friday 27 June 2008 at 4:30 p.m. at the French Senate during a preview showing of Laurent Cantet’s film, Entre les Murs (English title: The Class). Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, this film was produced and distributed by Haut et Court, a company founded by Carole Scotta, a former Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation grant-winner.

Press contacts Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation:

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Press contacts Cinéma pour Tous:

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About Cinéma Pour Tous
The non-profit association Cinéma Pour Tous organizes regularly scheduled film showings in Paris and its suburbs for a disadvantaged audience. Its goal is to bring film to life in neighbourhoods where culture’s importance has not always been duly recognized. Such programmes serve the association’s primary objective of disseminating values and concepts that are indispensable in fostering societal change through images.

About the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation
The Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation’s mission includes encouraging new forms of writing in both literature and music by supporting the careers of talented, creative young people. It also aims to foster mobility between the suburbs and urban centres by helping to create cultural action programmes for the sporting associations it supports.

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