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RELAY commits itself alongside UNICEF to fight illiteracy


CSR, Lagardère Travel Retail

Paris, December 15th, 2003

From december 15th throught to december 21st RELAY commits itself alongside UNICEF to fight illiteracy

With presence in 158 countries, UNICEF, leader in sustainable development for children conducts its actions in numerous priority areas including the protection of children against ill treatment and exploitation and implementing vaccination and HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns.

Since 1990 UNICEF has been striving to ensure that all children have the right to basic schooling. At present, more than 110 million children are still denied this right. And yet for all children, girls in particular, having access to proper basic education is a necessity for them to live happy, healthy and decent lives as adults.This is a daily fight for UNICEF, which seeks to ensure a safe school environment, quality teaching and reduced educational disparities between sexes (60% of non-scholarized children are girls).

By committing itself alongside UNICEF, RELAY, the world’s leading cultural products and travel literature distribution network, in 11 countries in Europe and in North America, has decided to promote the learning of writing for the children of the world so that one day they will be able to enjoy the pleasure of reading, including also this action in the sustainable development context.

From december 15th to december 21st, the 1 000 shops in the international RELAY network will offer to travelers the possibility of buying for a symbolic price a small writing kit especially designed for the occasion. The profit from these sales will be totally donated to UNICEF in order to help the children of the world who do not have the necessary means to learn to write.

With UNICEF, RELAY commits itself in the fight against illiteracy

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