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Partnership between Gulli and the Fondation de France


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Paris, January 27, 2006

Gulli and the Fondation de France sign an editorial partnership agreement for the series “A.D.O.S.*, the parents’ guide to adolescents

Gulli and the Fondation de France, both committed to dealing with the challenges of adolescence, have just signed an editorial partnership agreement for four programmes in the series A.D.O.S.*, mode d’emploi à l’usage des parents (“Teens: a handling guide for parents”) to be broadcast in 2006. Via this daily programme hosted by Anne Gintzburger, the leading free children’s and youth channel, Gulli, is endeavouring to help the parents of teenagers better understand their children and facilitate dialogue and communication within the family. Working with the Fondation de France as part of its “Young People and Health” programme, the A.D.O.S.* team has developed three major themes, which will form the subject of four programmes to be broadcast between February and June 2006.

  • Preventing suicide among young people and managing teenagers after a suicide attempt
    Studio guests:
    Marie Choquet, epidemiologist and director of research at Inserm, the French national health and medical research institute,
    Michel Botbol, psychiatrist and president of the Young People and Health committee at the Fondation de France,
    Thérèse Hannier, president of Phare, an association which aims to promote harmonious relationships between parents and children
    Broadcast times: Thursday, 2 February at 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.
  • Prevention and management of adolescent eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia)
    Two programmes to be broadcast in late March/early April
  • Help and support centres for adolescents in difficulty and their parents
    Broadcast date to be confirmed


Launched on 18 November 2005, Gulli is the only free children’s and youth channel in France. Targeted at children and young people aged 6 to 15, the channel offers a wide variety of programmes including cartoons, sit-coms, documentaries and entertainment shows. Gulli is television designed to entertain, of course, but it also aims to encourage children and young people to act responsibly both for themselves and on behalf of other people, and to live together in harmony. Gulli is a public service channel, with a commitment to issues that affect children.
One of its differentiating factors is that it also targets parents and tries to act as a real meeting place where different generations can exchange their views. The channel is accessible to almost 7 million families on all platforms (DTT, cable, satellite and ADSL).

The Fondation de France

Created in 1969, the Fondation de France is a unique organization in terms of the diversity of resources it makes available to all those who wish to bring a community or charitable project to fruition, whether they be individuals or companies.
A real platform for the exchange of ideas, experimentation and information, the foundation also runs its own programmes and encourages initiatives that provide new solutions for needs which are wholly or largely ignored by local authorities in the areas of social solidarity, health, the environment and culture.
Young people’s health has been a priority area for the Fondation de France since 1994, and occupies an important place in its prevention programmes. The primary objectives of this programme are to make it easier for young people to access healthcare services and to sensitize professionals and the general public to the issues of adolescence.


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