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New organization around Bruno Gaston, managing director of Europe 1


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Paris, March 3, 2012

On 3 February, Bruno Gaston was appointed managing director of Europe 1, reporting to Denis Olivennes, the station’s CEO.

Gaston now has authority over Europe 1’s programming and broadcasting, and coordinates activities with the news department. He is responsible for the proper execution of the station’s programming strategy, ensuring, in particular, that it is coherent and reflects the station’s positioning and identity.

Gaston named Olivier Beneuf deputy managing director in charge of coordinating broadcasting and programmes. Reporting to the latter are Laurent Delpech, director of broadcasting events, Xavier Jolly, artistic director, Bertrand Rutili, broadcast coordination manager, and Julien Picard-Monnet, head of interactive broadcasting.

Caroline Cochaux, assistant programming director reporting to Bruno Gaston, is responsible for all broadcasts and the teams involved. Nadia Milosevic, who was named programme coordination manager, will work under Cochaux.

These appointments and changes are effective as of today.

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