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New leadership at GMT Productions: Alban Etienne named COO of GMT Productions


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Paris, June 3, 2013

Takis Candilis, president of Lagardère Entertainment and GMT Productions, has appointed Alban Etienne to work alongside him as COO of GMT Productions.

Alban Etienne will stay on as executive producer at Ango Productions as well (Nos Chers Voisins on TF1, Le Clan de Lanzac on France 3). His mission at GMT Productions will be to carry on projects in progress and stimulate the company’s growth, namely through the development of new formats in French fiction.

His appointment is effective as of Monday 3 June 2013.

Alban’s work over these past several years – first as broadcaster, then as producer – is a guarantor for success in achieving what he has been entrusted with today,” says Takis Candilis, president of Lagardère Entertainment. “His knowledge and experience will contribute to revitalizing and structuring a strategy consistent with the artistic and financial requirements of our partners and broadcasters.


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About GMT:
With over 400 television programs under its belt, GMT Productions leads the charts among fiction producers in hourly volume, and has done so for years now.

GMT has drawn a loyal audience with its three hit series: Julie Lescaut on TF1, Boulevard du Palais on France 2 and Famille d’Accueil on France 3, plus many more such as: Monte-Cristo, Balzac, Les Misérables, Napoléon, David Nolande, Jean Moulin, Dans la tête du Tueur, Flics, Mort d’un Président, Crime d’Etat, Ali Baba, Merlin, and La Dernière Campagne.
This year, the company is pursuing its international expansion with the series Odysseus for ARTE (in coproduction with Making Prod), an ancient epic with a European cast coming soon to the screen. It has an upcoming thriller “Jour Polaire” in the works, in coproduction with Sweden for Canal +, and its new police procedural “Vaugand”, starring Olivier Marchal, has just wrapped up shooting in France.

About Lagardère Entertainment :
Founded in 2008, Lagardère Entertainment (Lagardère Active company) manages all of the Lagardère group’s film and television production. Lagardère Entertainment is France’s leading film and television producer (fiction, entertainment programming, animation) with GMT, DEMD, Image & Compagnie, Merlin, Aubes, and Ango for productions in French; Atlantique and Genao Productions for international productions; Maximal, Carson, Angel, 909 Productions, Electron Libre, Telmondis Productions, Léo Vision, Add-On Factory and for non-scripted programming; and Lagardère Entertainment Rights, Telmondis Distribution, and les Editions Musicales François 1er for rights and distribution. Lagardère Entertainment is now a major player in the production and management of artistic content. Its leading programs include Julie Lescaut, Josephine Guardian Angel, C Dans l’Air, Nos Chers Voisins, Mafiosa, Borgia, JO, Clem, Simplement pour un soir, Celine Dion le grand show, the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, PolitiqueS, Le Concert pour la Tolérance, C Politique, Flics, Foster Family, Fish’n Chips and the series The Transporter.

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