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Launch of HDSDIGITAL kiosk


Lagardère Travel Retail

Paris, August 29, 2006

HDSDIGITAL, a subsidiary of Hachette Distribution Services, is introducing a new distribution channel: press downloads

Would you prefer to buy a magazine at a newsstand or receive it in your mailbox?
hdsdigital, a subsidiary of Hachette Distribution Services, is introducing a new distribution channel: press downloads.

NEWS, BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY, MEN, SPORTS, CARS, MOTORCYCLES, TV, CELEBRITIES, WOMEN, CULTURE, LEISURE, YOUTH, INTERNATIONAL: readers can now access any of these magazine categories from anywhere in the world by simply logging onto or

What is the digital press?
The digital-format press lets readers leaf through the magazine from cover to cover, list and save different issues, extend their reading through interactive links in advertising and editorial content, search by keyword inside the magazine and also enjoy digital bonuses such as video and music clips, wallpaper for their computer screen, etc.

Free trial for every magazine
For our readers’ first interactive experience, they can try out our subscription package for an unlimited time period, which lets them download the current issue of any of our magazines free of charge. After the first download, they can cancel their subscription directly on the website, which will take effect immediately. Or they can continue to receive the magazine in digital format.

€9.90 per month: A choice of four magazines!
Freedom Package: this “200% Freedom” offer is a whole new way of reading magazines:
– 100% freedom of selection: every month, readers can browse to their heart’s content: they download whatever four magazines they choose, independently of the price per issue.
– a 100% unlimited time period: no commitment necessary. Customers can cancel the multi-publication subscription package directly on the website. If they choose to continue the subscription, they will earn four Freedom Credit points every month.

And of course, a third option is also available, allowing customers to buy a single issue of any magazine.
What’s the potential?
A benchmark study of the American market revealed that computer and electronics publications generated more than 10% of their circulation online, teen magazines around 5% and expatriate publications up to 15%. Over the long term, the potential in France is estimated to be 5% to 20% of circulation, depending on the magazine.

  • hdsdigital, SNC [general partnership] with capital of €500,000, is headed by Aymeric Bauguin and Sébastien Begel.
  • A wholly owned subsidiary of Lagardère SCA, hdsdigital operates in 20 countries in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Hachette Distribution Services runs the largest global network of stores selling press publications and cultural and entertainment products.

Press contacts:

Aymeric BAUGUIN - 33 (0)1 40 87 26 36

Frédéric RENAULT - 33 (0)1 40 87 26 62

Pierre ORTAL - 33 (0)1 58 74 83 05

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