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Lagardere SCA announces sale of excess shares of EADS held directly


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Paris, January 09, 2001

Lagardère SCA

today announced that in cooperation with the Treasury and after an invitation for tenders issued to several financial institutions, the Company sold approximately 16.7 million shares, or 2.07% of the capital of EADS, to BNP-Paribas, for resale to market investors, effective January 8, 2001.

The transaction complies with the agreements entered into by the controlling shareholders of EADS announced in the documents made available to the public when EADS was set up in July 2000. It was completed in cooperation with the French State, which itself transferred approximately 7.5 million shares, or 0.9% of the capital of EADS, to BNP-Paribas.

This transaction fulfills the commitments made by both Lagardère SCA and the State, respectively, to sell the excess shares of EADS they held directly within 18 months of the date on which EADS was floated. The respective interests held indirectly by Lagardère SCA and the State in EADS through SOGEADE, will not be affected by the transaction. Ownership maintained by SOGEADE still represents approximately 30% of the capital of EADS.

As a result of the transaction, Lagardère SCA realized capital gains of approximately 180 million Euros (after tax).

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