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Paris, March 24, 2011

In a constant bid to develop its organization in order to adapt to changes in the advertising market and more effectively help its clients to maximize their return on investment, Lagardère Publicité, which markets some 150 press, audiovisual and digital media, is simplifying and optimizing its organization with the creation of:

  • An integrated division devoted to special operations and cross-media, entrusted to deputy managing director Bernard Fauve. The aim of this new business division is to meet the expectations of advertising-space and airtime clients, agencies and advertisers in a more responsive, integrated and innovative way so as to offer them the greatest cross-media and digital diversity and know-how.
  • A Digital division comprising all new and emerging media (80 websites, 20 mobile applications and five tablet applications), headed by deputy managing director Alix Pandréa.
  • Three press activities:

– A division comprising ELLE, ELLE à Table, Numéro, Be, interior-decoration press titles and Air France group media (Air France Magazine, Air France Madame and non-standard marketing channels), headed by deputy managing director Caroline Pois.

– A division comprising Public, Parents, Infocrèche, Infobébés, Télé 7 Jours, Télé 7 Jeux, Ici Paris, France Dimanche, Première, Version Femina and Psychologies, headed by deputy managing director Anouk Diamantopoulos.

– A division comprising Le JDD, Paris Match and Auto Moto, led by sales director Agnès Peron.

  • A Radio division that includes Europe 1, RFM, Virgin Radio and motorway radio stations, headed by sales director Marie Renoir.
  • A TV division that includes Gulli, Canal J, Tiji, June, MCM, Arte and RTL9, headed by sales director Clément Tézenas du Montcel.

Press contact:

Valérie Blondeau - Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 34 81 00 - E-mail:

Lagardère Publicité at a glance:

The third-largest French advertising-space and airtime broker, with gross turnover of €1.8 billion in 2010.
More than 700 employees.
A presence on regional, national and international markets.
Unique positioning, with the marketing of some 150 media in the press, radio, TV, Internet, mobile and tablet sectors.
Ongoing links with foreign partners on each medium, including Air France Média, RTL9 and SFR.
Putting the accent on diversity means: 37 print-media titles managed by the brokerage in France, with six radio stations, nine television channels (TNT/Cabsat/ADSL), some 80 premium websites with over 23 million unique visitors, some 20 smartphone applications, five tablet applications, podcasts, webradio, street marketing and events.
Some 90% of French people are consumers of at least one Lagardère medium (2010 cross-media study: Affimétrie, Audipresse and Médiamétrie).

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