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Lagardère Publicité is banking on Media Diversity And Points of Sale : As illustrated through 3 campaigns


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Paris, June 11, 2007

The Lagardère Publicité Advertising Department, born of the merger between Lagardère Active Publicité and Interdeco last March, makes it possible to respond swiftly to market changes such as audience fragmentation and changes in the way people consume information.

With its 130 brands Lagardère Publicité offers advertisers a variety of targets and themes that are unique on the market.

This rich offering is used by Lagardère Publicité to launch cross media operations designed to showcase the messages of a given brand:
– By rolling out original concepts across all media forums,
– By ensuring that all messages are consistent through systematic cross-referencing between these media types,
– By taking advantage of optimum editorial integration,
– By combining above-and below-the-line advertising

The three following campaigns were customized and well executed. They illustrate how Lagardère Publicité is using its various resources to roll out cross-cutting operations:

– Axe/Unilever/ in collaboration with Mindshare,
– Carte Noire/Kraft/ in collaboration with Mindshare
– Robert Lafont Publishing House for Marc Lévy.


AXE / Unilever / Mindshare Campaign
Design and rollout of a cross-media advertising campaign based on a powerful and original concept as devised by Unilever. 4 media and 2 partners, Europe 2 and Public joined forces to roll out a creative campaign carried by all media, along with a centralized production.

The point of view of the advertiser Alexis VAGANAY, Group leader with Unilever : « Lagardère Publicité enabled us to take a totally integrated editorial approach using a cluster of 360° media (print, radio, Internet, cable TV).We succeeded in reaching our core target in a pinpoint and relevant manner with messages appropriate to each medium ».

Carte Noire / Kraft / Mindshare Campaign
In 2007, Kraft Foods wanted to advertise Carte Noire’s antioxidant benefits by means of a cross-media operation in addition to a standard print campaign. This was specifically targeted at an audience aged 50 and over and required a content-based operation to reach the target market. Rollout of a combination of cross-media using cross-referencing between each medium (radio, print, digital)

The point of view of the advertiser Dominique KIRMANN, Media Director for France / Benelux at Kraft : « What was most critical in my opinion was the excellent artwork and real team effort between Kraft, Lagardère, Mindshare and EuroRscg. Finally, our brand was perfectly integrated within the media used. We picked Lagardère Publicité because of its broad offering, its highly competitive rates (which was a clincher for entering into this exclusive partnership), its responsiveness (which gave us complete satisfaction, in view of our tight deadlines) and last because of its expertise and high degree of involvement at every level of the organization. It’s true that I had been looking forward for a long time to an alliance between Interdeco and Lagardere Active Publicité and I am delighted this has now actually happened. This is also one of the reasons I picked Lagardère Publicité».

Robert Laffont / Marc Lévy Campaign
On the occasion of the release of Marc Lévy’s new book, in May 2007, a cross media operation will revolve around an interview with Marc Lévy
The goal is to :
-Publish the interview with the author on different media (radio, TV, digital) in order to improve contact points with the target.
– Offer exclusive contents of the book in innovative communication spaces such as Virgin Megastores

The point of view of the advertiser Virginie DOUY, in charge of Radio and Outdoor Advertising with Robert LAFFONT: « By selecting Lagardère Publicité, we have opted for a long term partnership. We were won over by its range of offerings and the complementarities this affords. Europe 1 listeners also happen to be potential readers. We liked the concept which is based on a three-media original offering (radio, Internet and point of sale) along with downloadable videos; making it possible through the use of images, to extend the radio campaigns.»

Some Facts and Figures about Lagardère Publicité, the advertising Department for Diversity
6, 500 clients.
Over 130 media brands.
Over 900 staff members.
A local, national and international presence.
The 2nd largest advertising department in France (with gross revenue of 2 € billion) with a large media selection (74 print titles for France, 9 radio brands, 11 TV channels, 40 Internet sites, 2 distribution networks, podcasts, webradios, street marketing, events), publications, offerings, targets and themes…

President: Constance Benqué.

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