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LAGARDERE MEDIA supports group results



Paris, March 29, 2001

At its meeting on March 28, 2001, the Supervisory Board considered the financial statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2000, as presented by Jean-Luc Lagardère, General Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Arnaud Lagardère and Philippe Camus, General Partners and Co-Chief Executive Officers. .


  • Group consolidated sales in FY 2000 amounted to 12,192 million euros, compared with sales of 12,285 euros in FY 1999. Lagardere Media segment sales increase by 4.8%. Excluding changes in the company structures and the effects of exchange rates, Lagardere Media segment sales increased by 5.5%, demonstrating an acceleration in growth from FY 1999.
  • Matra Automobile sales also increased by 3.4%, confirming the success of the Espace.
  • The decrease in the contribution of the High Technology segment (-10.6%) can be explained by variations in the group’s structure and changes in the accounting methodologies used at the creation of EADS. On a pro forma basis, sales increased 7,3%..


Group operating income totaled 572 million euros, representing growth of 10% from FY 1999. Following is an analysis of this improvement by segment:

  • The Lagardere Media segment recorded operating income of 323 million euros, reflecting an increase of 14.4% from FY 1999. The “Book”, “Press” and “Distribution Services” divisions all recorded substantial increases. The “Lagardere Active” division (“Radio”, “Audiovisual” and “Digital” activities) recorded strong increases in its radio and audiovisual activities. This growth was not sufficient to completely replace most of the missing positive contribution of Grolier Inc. This business has been sold and has not been consolidated since June 2000, which has negatively impacted the operating result of the segment. Investments in new digital media have been financed by cost savings resulting from the elimination of Club Internet from the group consolidated results.
  • Operating income for the Automobile segment totaled 71 million euros, representing a slight improvement from FY 1999. The improvement is due to a better product mix and production cost management.
  • In the first half of 2000, the High Technology segment was represented by the company’s 33% equity interest in AEROSPATIALE MATRA. In the second half of 2000, the High Technology segment was represented by the company’s 15.14% equity interest in EADS. In both cases, Lagardere’s ownership was consolidated by the proportionate method. In 1999, the High Technology segment of the Lagardere group represented only the proportionate consolidation of its 33% equity interest in AEROSPATIALE MATRA. The financial statements of EADS for the second semester of 2000 were restated to conform to the French accounting standards, applied by the Lagardere group. Taking into account the extensive changes in group structure, the comparison of 2000 results with previous years is not meaningful.


The company recorded exceptional income of 651 million euros, due principally to capital gains on asset disposals which totaled 851 million euros, of which 843 million euros resulted from the disposal of Club Internet and Grolier Inc. This also includes a reserve for depreciation of fixed assets in the amount of 107 million euros for Lagardere Media and reserves for restructuring and miscellaneous risks.


The company recorded tax expenses of 457 million euros, of which 306 million euros arose from capital gains booked on asset disposals. This amount includes a reserve of 289 million euros for the deferred tax on capital gains resulting from the Club Internet/T-Online transaction. In total, the capital gains after tax totaled 545 million euros.

Amortization of goodwill, of 60 million euros, increased primarily as a result of the amortization of goodwill arising from the acquisition of the remaining shares of HACHETTE FILIPACCHI MEDIAS stock, which were acquired through the Public Offer of Exchange executed this year.

DASSAULT AVIATION, which is part of the High Technology segment, is now accounted for by the equity method. As a result of this change in accounting method, income from equitized companies has grown substantially (36 million euros instead of 12 million euros).

The minority interest claim on net income (-34 million euros vs -104 million euros in 1999) has steadily decreased due to the buyout of minority stockholders of Europe 1 (in 1999) and HACHETTE FILIPACCHI MEDIAS (in the summer of 2000).

In total, 2000 net income for the group totaled 581 million euros, compared to 241 million euros in 1999.



2000 1999
Lagardère (1) Lagardère without High Technologies Lagardère (1) Lagardère without High Technologies


8,386 12,285 8,028
Operating income


406 520 361
Interest income (expense), net


(29) (23) 7
Operating income after interest


377   497 368
Non operating expenses 651 684 16 33
Preferred remuneration, net (17) (17) (19) (19)
Income taxes (457) (387) (128) (74)
Amortization of goodwill (60) (52) (33) (28)
Net income before associates & minority interest 579 605 333 280
Net income from companies (associates) accounted for by the equity method 36 2 12 11
Minority interests (34) (30) (104) (96)
Net consolidated income 581 577 241 195

(1) The comparison of FY 2000 data with FY 1999 data is not meaningful due to extensive changes in group structure (see paragraph “High Technology”).


The Company’s managing partners made the decision to propose a net dividend of 0.78 euros (5.12 French francs) per share (plus a tax credit of 0.39 euros or 2.56 French francs) at the general meeting of shareholders.

The proposed dividend represent an overall increase in the distribution of income to shareholders of 13%, based on the number of shares existing as of 12.31.2000.

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