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Lagardère Entertainment extends its range of activities and boosts its position in audiovisual production for digital media


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Paris, December 14, 2012

Lagardère Entertainment is delighted to be capitalizing on the new challenges presented by digital media and developing its production in this area on an industrial scale.

It has decided to combine the know-how of two of its companies – Add-On Factory, run by Jean-Pierre Dupasquier, and, run by Rémy Dessarts – to boost its expertise in the area of video production aimed specifically at Internet consumers.

In so doing, France’s leading producer is confirming its strategic commitment to establishing a foothold in the fast-growing market for audiovisual content aimed at web audiences.

Video content of this kind is particularly well-suited to the ‘digital native’ generations and is radically different from traditional content, both in terms of an item’s length and the pace at which it is narrated.

The Lagardère group and the market have been making the most of this expertise for over a year; examples include the latest campaigns run with Virgin Radio, Télé 7 Jours, Orange and Dailymotion. A number of different editorial solutions have been successfully implemented, including web series, ‘zappings’ (brief, exciting ‘zoom-in’ features) and video interviews. This type of content is intended for consumers using a range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, computers and Internet television.

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About Add-On Factory:
Add-On Factory is Lagardère Entertainment's audio and video content production company, dedicated to staying in step with the consumption needs of the digital generations. AOF develops innovative, dedicated content, such as ‘zappings' and short video programmes broadcast on Internet portals. Add-On Factory's goal is to become the preferred partner for digital media that are looking to enhance their programmes with rich-media content.

Created in September 2012 and run by Rémy Dessarts, the production brand aims to produce audiovisual content in five areas:

  • Information and historical documentaries
  • Documentary series aimed at the international market
  • Newsmagazine shows and unscripted programming for the information sector, with a focus on social topics
  • Content for all key Internet stakeholders
  • Corporate films for businesses and the institutional market

About Lagardère Entertainment
Founded in 2008, Lagardère Entertainment (a Lagardère Active company) handles all of the Lagardère group's audiovisual production activities. Today, Lagardère Entertainment is a major player in the production and management of artistic content for television and France's largest producer of TV drama and comedy programmes, unscripted programming and animated shows. Its production units include GMT, DEMD, Image & Compagnie, Merlin, Aubes and Ango et Kelija for French drama and comedy programmes; Atlantique Productions and Genao Productions for international productions; Maximal, Carson, Angel, 909 Productions, Electron Libre, Telmondis Productions, Léo Vision and Add-On Factory for unscripted programming; and Lagardère Entertainment Rights, Telmondis Distribution and Editions Musicales François 1er for distribution and rights involving artistic content. Its key programmes include Julie Lescaut, Joséphine Ange Gardien, C dans l'air, Mafiosa, Borgia, Clem, Stars du Rire, Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, the Concert for Tolerance, C politique, Flics, Famille d'accueil, Fish'n Chips and Transporter: The Series.

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