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Lagardère Entertainment creates a prestige documentary house: LNoA Productions


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Boulogne-Billancourt, June 23, 2009

Sunny Side of the Doc, the international documentary marketplace held at La Rochelle, saw Lagardère Entertainment announce the creation of a new, prestigious house for international documentaries: LNoA Productions.

Led by Alexandre Soullier under the direction of Takis Candilis, LNoA’s aim is to heighten the profile of the business among its broadcasting partners and enhance the company’s presence in the field of documentary production.
Currently under development and production are various 52- and 90-minute projects on nature, adventure, discovery and wildlife for French and international channels. These documentaries enable the company to provide ongoing reflections of, on and for the world.

At the La Rochelle event, producer Alexandre Soullier said, “The documentary is an open window on the world, its reality and beauty. We have created LNoA to help us explore and share a multitude of original stories filmed in all corners of the globe. “Documentaries offer a point of view, and each has its own subjectivity, sensitivity and challenges. They embody their own universal language, and contribute to worldwide acceptance and understanding while helping to conquer international markets. Our goal is to continue providing our partners and audiences with quality documentaries that incorporate new technologies, invent new voices and have new stories to tell.

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A graduate in ecology/zoology and holder of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in scientific journalism from Paris VII Jussieu University, Alexandre Soullier has concentrated on producing documentaries for more than eight years. He has travelled extensively since childhood, visiting Namibia, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, Nepal, South Africa, Argentina, the USA, Guatemala, Alaska, Kenya, Canada, Australia and Thailand. He even worked for a few months in Botswana (Southern Africa) as a safari guide. In March 2001, he joined Léo Productions as a scientific advisor, and in May 2005 was appointed manager of Léo’s Wildlife Documentary department by Jean-Louis Burgat. He was responsible for boosting the department, developing film projects, managing shoots while controlling production costs and maintaining relationships with various channels. He also made regular excursions into the field. At Léo, he worked on 15 wildlife and nature documentaries, which were broadcast on leading international channels like Canal+, France 5, France 3, National Geographic and Discovery.

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