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Lagardère Active TV division offering and brands on the rise (Mediamat’Thematik July 2011)


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Paris, July 13, 2011

Gaining strength:
Canal J + TiJi + Gulli = the leading youth and family offering in France

Lagardère Active’s youth, children and family programming is the children’s leader in its category:

  • 13.4% audience share among 4- to 10-year-olds with access to a comprehensive offering (or 37% audience share in the Youth and Children’s category).
  • 10.9% audience share among 4- to 14-year-olds with access to a comprehensive offering, or 35% of total youth and children’s channel consumption.

TiJi saw a 13% rise since the last sweeps period.
With 3.5% audience share, TiJi is the third-leading youth and children’s channel among viewers in the 4-10 age group.

Canal J confirmed the relevance of its positioning as a channel for the 8-12 demographic and of its editorial choices.
Two key after-school* programmes, Power Rangers Samurai and Beyblade, helped it to achieve 3% audience share among 4- to 10-year-olds, up 30 % since the last sweeps period.

Success for the young-adult offering

The young-adult offering from June and MCM is rising among its core target:

  • +31% since the last sweeps period, with 2.1% audience share in the age 15-24 demographic.
  • +30% since the last sweeps period, with 1.3% audience share in the age 15-34 category.

In one year, MCM more than doubled its audience share among men in the age 15-34 demographic and increased by 25% (to 0.5%) for the same target group.

The channel ranks among the Top 10 specialty channels for men aged 15-24 with 0.8% audience share.

June at its best yet
+75% audience share in one sweeps period (to 2.1%) for June, which ranked second among channels for women aged 15-24.

These results confirm our position as a key player in the Media sector, in two areas in particular: the youth, children and family offering and the young-adult offering. We are the leader in the first category with Gulli, Canal J and Tiji, and are quickly gaining ground in the young-adult entertainment category with June and MCM. Our goal now is to continue this growth by expanding our content, in particular with strong properties, and by driving our brands forward with a strategy based on an ambitious, innovative marketing mix featuring new usages and diversification,” commented Antoine Villeneuve, executive director of Lagardère Active’s TV division.

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1 - Paid offering.

*Average for Monday-Friday, 4:30-7:30 p.m.

The Médiamat'Thématik-Médiamétrie study was carried out between 3 January and 19 June 2011. The sample group comprised 6,448 persons aged 4 and up living in 2,452 households receiving a multi-channel package via cable, satellite or ADSL (i.e. 59% of the population equipped with TV residing in France) - consolidated audiences - sources: Médiamat'Thématik January-June 2011 and August 2010-February 2011.

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