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Lagardère Active launches a digital platform for the ELLE International Network


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21 February, 2013

To support the expansion of the 43 editions of ELLE on the web, mobile, tablets and in social media, Lagardère Active, the owner of the ELLE brand has created a digital platfom to promote the International Network, including a website, mobile page, Facebook page and Twitter account.

These combined digital tools will connect with the websites, mobile sites, applications, pages and accounts of the 43 international editions of ELLE and also promote ELLE’s media and events worldwide.

By sharing international and local news, promoting global and regional initiatives and highlighting the operations of the different editions, the ELLE platform aims to drive traffic locally and to further develop the worldwide ELLE community.

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For more information contact:

ELLE International network
Valéria Bessolo Llopiz Tel.: +33 1 41 34 90 04 / Email: 

Lagardère Active
Lucie Dugit-Gros Tel.: +33 1 41 34 79 25 / Email:

About Lagardère Active
Lagardère Active is one of Lagardère SCA's four corporate branches, together with Lagardère Publishing (books), Lagardère Services (press distribution and services) and Lagardère Unlimited (marketing and management of sports broadcast rights, talent representation
for athletes and artists).
Creator of multimedia content, Lagardère Active has leading positions in the businesses it operates, including magazine publishing, audiovisual (radio, TV and TV production), digital (pure player sites, mobile applications and tablet applications) and advertising.

Lagardère Active, the number one French Magazine Publisher and owner of the ELLE brand and its derivatives, licenses them:

  • To Hearst in 14 countries (corresponding to 15 editions of ELLE).
  • To 21 other partners in 27 countries; corresponding to 27 editions of ELLE.

The ELLE network today includes 43 international editions and the ELLE Decoration network includes 25 international editions.

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