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Lagardère Active innovates in publishing its magazine circulation data


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Paris, July 23, 2007

Lagardere Active is the leading player in the French magazine publishing market, with 65% of French people reading at least one of the group’s titles (source: AEPM 2006). Now it intends to break new ground with the timeliness of its circulation data, thus emphasizing its commitment to transparency vis-à-vis the market.
From now on, the group will publish paid circulation numbers in France every quarter – at the latest, three weeks after the end of the quarter for weekly magazines and eight weeks for monthlies. (Please note that for this first reporting date, the group is announcing circulation figures today for its eight main weeklies, and will announce the figures for its monthlies at the end of August).

According to Olivier Chapuis, Managing Director of Publications, “This decision to accelerate the publication frequency of our circulation figures was motivated by our concern for strengthening the credibility of the magazine medium, which is experiencing active competition from real-time media.”

Paid circulation of weeklies in France
(half-yearly average)*
Source: publisher


Weekly titles


First half 07 – PCF ODC**


Change vs.First half 06 – PCF ODC**



+ 14.12 %

Paris Match


+ 9.51 %

Ici Paris


+3.18 %



+ 3.17%

Journal du Dimanche


+ 2.13 %

Journal de Mickey


+ 0.39 %

Télé  7 Jours


– 2.13 %

France Dimanche


-3.07 %

(*): Since the circulation data for the first quarter of 2007 were not published last April, the half-yearly averages are shown in this press release.
(**): PCF = paid circulation in France; ODC = officially declared circulation (DSH – déclaration sur l’honneur).

Very positive circulation trends

Lagardere Active registered healthy results for paid circulation in France for its French magazines during the first half of 2007, with most of its weeklies gaining new buyers and increasing their sales.
These results confirm the validity of the group’s competitive strategy in selecting priority segments (celebrity, women’s, news, youth/children’s and entertainment magazines) and attest to the strength of the group’s brands and the quality of the content.
The group capitalized on the strength of its weeklies during the first half of 2007:

Public registered an increase of 14.12% in paid circulation in France, approaching the 400,000-copy mark. This women’s celebrity magazine has continued its impressive gains since its launch four years ago. It is the undisputed leader with female readers in the 15- to 34-year-old segment across all social and professional categories.

Paris Match (647,523 copies) had a very healthy first half, with an increase in circulation of 9.51%. This excellent performance is due in part to a flourishing environment with regard to current events, as well as to a fundamental trend observed since the end of the preceding year.

– The traditional tabloids France Dimanche (447,731 copies) and Ici Paris (362,152 copies) have experienced a distinct rebound in their circulation trends since last spring, the effects of which are already perceptible for Ici Paris (up 3.18%).

– ELLE (338,294 copies) saw its circulation rise by 3.17% over the first half. After an overall increase in 2006, ELLE has confirmed a sustainable rising trend in circulation, regardless of the competitive context.

Journal du Dimanche (263,588 copies) increased its circulation by 2.13%. This positive trend has been observed each month since the beginning of the year, confirming the success of the new format launched in May 2006.

– The circulation of Télé 7 Jours (1,605,996 copies) is now stabilizing, with a decrease of 2.13% in the first half. This trend should continue to improve throughout 2007.

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