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Jérôme Langlet hereby appointed Head of Music Operations for Music Radio Stations and TV Activities as well as Virgin Brand Manager


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Paris, 5 June, 2008

Didier Quillot, CEO and Chairman of Lagardère Active, announced the appointment of Jérôme Langlet as Head of Music Operations for music radios and TV activities as well as Virgin Brand Manager.

Jérôme Langlet will be responsible for :

  • Managing the Virgin brand on music radio stations and TV stations in France.
  • Developing live spectacles and events on behalf of Lagardère Active’s radio and TV stations as well as magazines
  • Promoting music partnerships for music radio and TV stations in France

He will work in close collaboration with the heads of programming for Lagardère Active’s music radios and TV stations and will attend the Executive Committee meetings organized by the management of both music radios and TV stations in France. He will still carry out his current duties in full.

He will be reporting to Delphine Marçais, Director of Business Communications for Lagardère Active. This appointment takes effect immediately.

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