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HDS is opening ‘tempo libris’ in Barcelona


Lagardère Travel Retail

Paris, 29 may 2001

The tempo libris concept was dreamed up by SGEL, a Spanish subsidiary of HDS, and reflects the Group’s commitment to non-stop innovation in the development of medium-size stores (300 to 600 sq. m). Located in downtown areas and shopping centers, the theme-based stores aim to showcase written cultural products, books and the press.    

The tempo libris concept highlights the dynamic nature of the HDL Group and its subsidiaries. The new stores are designed to help consumers make the best possible use of their free time by dividing inventory into five main areas of interest: Travel & Adventure, Reading, Arts & Culture, Home & Garden, Children. Each section at tempo libris offers customers a chance to explore a wide selection of books, magazines and complementary products (toys in the “Children” section, maps and compasses in “Travel & Adventure”, etc.).

A distributor specializing in cultural and leisure products, Hachette Distribution Services (Lagardère Group) posted managed sales of 3.8 billion euros in 2000, up 13% over the previous fiscal year.

More about “Tempo libris”

1. Adress : Diagonal, 472
08006 Barcelona – Spain
2. Surface area : 615 sq. m
3. Target public : Tempo libris aims to serve an urban clientele who :
– enjoy substantial purchasing power,
– regularly consume written communication products,
– are looking for information about their leisure activities and interests,,
– take a keen interest in the education of children.
4. Structure : The store is organized into 5 sections, identifiable by clear signage:
– Travel & Adventure,
– Arts & Culture,
– Reading,
– Children,
– Home & Garden.
The store also has a cafe corner.
5. Products marketed : Each section features a wide range of books and magazines, plus a selection of complementary products related to the section’s theme. Tempo libris offers over 10,000 book titles and aims to become the top retail outlet for products related to each of the themes.
6. Services : The store is developing a broad range of sales-associated services :
– book orders and reservations
– interactive research
– theme-oriented video displays in each section
– tickets (shows, concerts, etc.)
– cultural activities and events for children: marionette shows, readings, film projections, etc.
– cultural activities and events for adults: forums, lectures, book signings, plays, etc.

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