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Gulli Ma Planète: The first Eco-label for children


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Paris, december 8, 2008

Gulli, the free, socially aware, family channel, has been committed to sustainable development and ecology since its inception in November 2005. It is now launching a landmark label for the protection of the environment – Gulli Ma Planète (Gulli My Planet).

According to Gulli’s President, Emmanuelle Guilbart, “The Gulli Ma Planète label reflects Gulli’s involvement in environmental protection and, more specifically, its efforts in raising children’s awareness of these issues. We are convinced that we have an important role to play in encouraging children to take action – at their own level and with the means at their disposal – while involving their parents and other adults.”

Gulli Ma Planète addresses the dangers that threaten the future of the Earth and the consequences of those dangers. As such, it will be used in conjunction with all of Gulli’s various media, including its television broadcasts, its website and its press magazine. It will also be associated with exhibitions, festivals, film releases, DVDs and books within various partnerships, and with more institutional initiatives conducted in the course of its mission.

Gulli’s media

Television broadcasts
Gulli’s viewers are accustomed to a wide range of programmes on environmental protection throughout the year. In July 2007, for example, viewers were introduced to Les héros de la plage [The heroes of the beach]. Co-produced by Gulli with the French production company Beasty Prod, this “stop motion” or frame-by-frame animation describes the daily lives of Quentin the mussel and his crustacean friends, willing to try anything to protect their beach from invading “feet” and polluters.

Coming soon on Gulli:

  • Short programmes:
    • Le geste écolo de Gulli [Gulli’s eco-actions] is a short daily programme offering simple suggestions and tips on how to protect our environment. For example, take a shower instead of a bath, turn off the water while brushing your teeth, or practice selective sorting to make recycling easier. Each of these little eco-actions helps to protect our planet!
      Broadcasts began on 27 November: three eco-actions are broadcast each day, including one at 8:40 p.m.
      A Gulli-Interactif Factory production (2′)
    • Alerte Terre [Earth Alert]
      From recycling light bulbs to eco-friendly houses, understanding the social, economic and environmental stakes of sustainable development is crucial for our own future and the future of our planet. Each clip of Alerte Terre provides adults and children alike with vital information, advice and simple ideas on how to act and live in harmony with the environment.
      Broadcast at 8:45 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
      A SYSTEME TV production (100 X 1’10)
  • Regular special reports on GulliMag, Gulli’s news magazine featuring cultural and unusual news items.
    Broadcast Monday to Friday at 8:35 p.m.
    A Gulli-2P2L production (4′)
  • Documentaries in the early evening time slot:
    • Prestigious single documentaries:
      L’odyssée de l’eau [Ocean Odyssey]: this BBC documentary, which explains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about water, was broadcast by Gulli for “World Water Day”.
      A BBC Worldwide production (52′)
    • Series:
      • Little Explorers (the Arctic / the Andes / the Jungle / the Amazon)
        A group of children, selected for their physical ability and motivation, embark on an expedition to complete an ecological mission. Viewers discover the adventures of these young explorers during their travels.
        A BBC Worldwide production (6 X 26′)
      • Eco-Logis: familles au défi [Eco-Dwellings: families put to the test]
        Two large families compete with each another in an effort to become the most environmentally-aware household. With the help of a specialist in ecology, they are challenged to change their lifestyles. Over several weeks, they must radically rethink their approach to transport, water and energy consumption, and waste disposal.
        Produced by Prospero Productions (6 X 26′)
  • Cartoons:
    Il était une fois notre Terre [Once upon a time there was a planet called Earth]
    Albert Barillé’s famous heroes are back with a fresh look at the modern world, and in this new series, they tackle environmental problems. The series aims to increase children’s awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development.
    Broadcast in January 2009
    A Gulli-France 3-Procidis production (26 X 26′)
  • Special programming:
    A special day of programming on 22 April 2009, to celebrate Earth Day.

On the Internet

The “Gulli Ma Planète” pages on combine information and common sense advice with games, photos and a chance to leave messages for other website visitors. Check it out at

In Gulli le Mag (a bimonthly magazine published by Gulli and Paper Box)

Every other month, Gulli’s press magazine, targeted at youngsters aged 7 to 14, has a feature article on a specific environmental problem in its “Gulli Ma Planète” section. In issue no. 3, due to appear on 10 December, the article will cover the greenhouse effect and offer simple suggestions on how to reduce it.

Examples of past partnerships include Operation Brikkado, in partnership with UNICEF, designed to encourage school children to recycle food cartons into gift wrapping paper to finance vaccination campaigns. Gulli also partnered Sustainable Development Week, the “Incredible Cetaceans” exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in Paris, and the Wind Festival in Calvi (Corsica), at the end of last October. Once again, Gulli is partnering a number of new projects, including:

  • The GreenQuizz
    Gulli has decided to include its audience (both children and their families) in the reforestation of the planet. The channel is joining forces with the GreenQuizz association and the French NGO, Planète Urgence, to promote a fantastic new idea, as fun as it is effective: the GreenQuizz.
    Each day, a question on environmental protection suitable for children is asked on the channel’s website
    Thanks to their knowledge of ecology, and with a little help from their family, kids will be able to find the correct answer and help a Gulli forest take root. The more correct answers there are, the more trees will be planted in Indonesia, contributing to the fight against global warming caused by greenhouse gases.

Le colloque [The Symposium]
After “Children and screens” last year, the topic of this year’s Gulli Symposium is “The media’s role in sustainable development and environmental protection”. This day of debate and reflection with specialists involved in the media, the environment and young people, and organized with the support of the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning, will be held on 19 January 2009, in two stages.
Because the future of the planet is in the hands of children, Gulli is calling on youngsters to help create a “green paper”, a project sponsored by adventurer, writer and filmmaker, Nicolas Vanier. On the morning of the symposium, the “green paper” will be presented to the French Minister of Ecology, Jean-Louis Borloo, during a meeting at the Ministry.
Panel discussions open to the public will then be held in the afternoon at the Palais du Luxembourg. Academics, politicians and experts will join in a debate on a topic of utmost importance: “What role can the media play in the current climate of ecological meltdown?”

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