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Earth Day :Gulli is rallying support by offering some concrete initiatives with special programming


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Paris, March 24, 2009

Celebrated for the first time on 22 April 1970, Earth Day is now recognized as the world’s largest community-based environmental event. To mark the occasion, Gulli is rallying support by offering some concrete initiatives this coming 22 April with both special programming and events in the field.

  • Special programming
    Mon arbre pour la vie, voyage au pays d’Anggun [My Tree for Life: A Trip to Anggun’s Native Land], a major new documentary broadcast exclusively on Gulli on 22 April at 8:35 pm

    Gulli takes viewers on a voyage to the heart of Indonesia to show them the planting of the first tree in Gulli’s children’s forest. Since December, Gulli and the NGO Planète Urgence have been rallying children to the Green Quizz initiative, which lets them take part in a reforestation project by answering questions on ecology.

    Today, Gulli is taking action in the real world to show children that they have the power to change things.
    For example, 13-year-old Martin and his mother are travelling to Sumatra with a map of the mangrove forests in hand; when they arrive, they will meet Reza and his family, who live in the area designated for replanting. The documentary portrays a moving encounter between two families, one French, the other Indonesian, presided over by the singer Anggun, an Indonesian celebrity committed to rebuilding her country of birth.

    The 52-minute documentary was produced by VI PROD.

    The making of Dorothy et le Magicien d’Oz [Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz]: After the documentary, Gulli will air a 22-minute “making-of” feature on a new musical (presented in partnership with Gulli) based on The Wizard of Oz. This behind-the-scenes look features children’s reactions and excerpts from the show, including the song “Vert” [“Green”], which has become an anthem expressing Gulli’s commitment to the environment.

  • Events in the field
    Les Enfants pour la Planète [Children for the Planet]: a massive rally at the Great Dune of Pyla

    This gathering will be the founding action for the first environmental-activism movement led by children. On 22 April, children will invite adults to join in and symbolically create the world’s biggest “human tree” at the famous Great Dune of Pyla, at the entrance to France’s Arcachon Bay.

    One tree will be planted in Indonesia for each person in attendance, in cooperation with the Green Quizz initiative.

    Gulli’s viewers are invited to spread the word and encourage as many people as possible to come to the dune – a perfect opportunity for an enjoyable family outing in support of a good cause! Coverage of the event will be broadcast on Gulli the next day.

    Gulli and Dorothy et le Magicien d’Oz [Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz] support the Green Quizz project: the show’s final performance, at Paris’ Grand Rex theatre on 22 April, will be dedicated to supporting the Green Quizz initiative, with producers donating one euro for each ticket to the 5:30 pm performance sold (one euro = one tree planted).

    With Gulli and the entire company of Dothy et le Magicien d’Oz, it’s easy to have family fun while doing your part for planet Earth!

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