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Arnaud Molinié appointed as Executive Vice-President, Strategy and Development


Corporate & other activities

Paris, September 10, 2007

To strengthen his management team, Arnaud Lagardère, General Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Lagardère SCA, has chosen, in agreement with Pierre Leroy and Philippe Camus, Arnaud Molinié to take up the post of Executive Vice-President, Strategy and Development for Lagardère SCA. Also named administrator of the supervisory boards and/or administrative boards of the group’s operational segments (Lagardère Publishing, Lagardère Active, Lagardère Services and Lagardère Sports), he becomes a member of the Executive Committee and will report directly to Arnaud Lagardère within Lagardère Capital & Management.

For Arnaud Lagardère, “The challenges faced by the group as it expands in France and internationally are many; in order to overcome them, one has to place responsibility in the hands of talented people.”

Previously Acting Director for the Managing Partners and Assistant Director of Communications, Arnaud Molinié has taken part, alongside Arnaud Lagardère, in the group’s major acquisitions, including Virgin Megastores and Vivendi Universal Publishing. He was also the driver behind the development of group commitments to sports within the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation (including Team Lagardère and Lagardère Paris Racing). Elsewhere, he will retain his roles as Director of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation, Manager of Team Lagardère and CEO of Lagardère Paris Racing Ressources.


Arnaud Molinié

Born in 1973 and a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme (ESJ) and the Paris HEPS, Arnaud Molinié was Director of Communications for the Genopole (the French national genomics and genetics programme) from 1998 to 2000.


In 1993, he co-founded the Téléthon des Financiers, and in 1997 founded Les Voix du Téléthon. He was Director of the Association Française Contre les Myopathies (AFM – French Association for the Fight against Myopathies) from 1999 to 2003.

As a member of General Management at Lagardère SCA, Mr. Molinié has successively been responsible for Lagardère group press and public relations (2000-2001), Director of Communications for Lagardère Active, a member of the Executive Committee (2000-2004) and Assistant Director of Communications for Lagardère SCA (since 2001).

As of 2003, he has also served as Acting Director for Lagardère SCA’s Managing Partners, Secretary of the Management Committee and Director of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation.

Since 2005, he has served as Secretary of Lagardère’s Capital and Management Committee and Manager of Team Lagardère. In 2006, Mr. Molinié became spokesman for the Managing Partners of Lagardère SCA and a member of Lagardère Active’s Executive Secretariat.

Since 2004, Mr. Molinié has served as Vice-President of the Paris Jean Bouin Club CASG and Treasurer of the Association des Amis de Paris Jean Bouin (Association of Friends of Paris Jean Bouin) CASG. He was Corporate Secretary for the Club des Entreprises Paris 2012 (2004 to 2006), which he founded. Since 2006, he has been Chairman and CEO of Lagardère Paris Racing Ressources, Treasurer of the Lagardère Paris Racing sports association and member of the Management Committee of the Paris Tennis League (since 2007).

He is also Chairman of the Tendances Débats’ – Think Tank Générations d’Idées Supervisory Board (since 2006).

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