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Appointments at Lagardère Services


Lagardère Travel Retail

Paris, September 17, 2007

Michel PEROL is appointed Chief Executive Officer of RELAIS H SNC, LAGARDERE SERVICES french travel retail subsidiary . Jean-Baptiste MORIN, until now CEO of HDS Retail North America, the canadian retail Company of the Group in Toronto, takes on the general management of the duty free subsidiary AELIA to replace Michel PEROL.

Louis De ROSTOLAN, Chief Operating Officer, is appointed by Chief Executive Officer Jean-Louis NACHURY to successfully carry out a vast diversification project of LAGARDERE SERVICES retail trade activities, while supervising Aelia and Relais H in France, and HDS Retail North America.

After beginning his career in 1977 as Administration and Finance Manager for several different companies, Michel PEROL joined the Group in 1985 where he started as financial Controller with RELAIS H France. From 1987 to 1995, he took responsibility for different points of sale networks in RELAIS H. After gaining further experience outside as a commercial manager for MATRACOM, a division of LAGARDERE, he returned to RELAIS H as Sales Director in 1998. He has now been President and Chief Executive Officer of AELIA, the duty free company of LAGARDERE SERVICES since August 2000 and becomes General Manager of RELAIS H. Michel PEROL is 55 and graduated from French HEC.

Jean-Baptiste MORIN joined the group 18 years ago. After one year in Canada, he moved to the Group’s headquarters to become International Controller. In 1994, he was transferred to Austria, in charge of the Vienna Office. In 1997, he returned to France to oversee several subsidiaries in Central Europe and left for Budapest in Hungary in 2000 where he became President of LAPKER, the Hungarian Press Distribution and Retail Company of the group. For the last three years he has been CEO of HDS Retail North America, the Group’s retail subsidiary based in Toronto, Canada. As of September 2007, he will be President, CEO of AELIA, in Paris. Jean Baptiste is 42 and graduated from French HEC.

Louis de ROSTOLAN joined the Group in 1972 as a financial Controller and quickly became Area Manager and Operations Manager with RELAIS H France. In 1989, he was appointed General Manager.
A member of the Group Executive Committee and Strategic Committee alongside Jean-Louis NACHURY, he is also Chief Operating Officer of HDS, in charge of the French and North American retail companies.
From September 2007, Louis de ROSTOLAN takes responsibility for the retail development and diversification scheme, while supervising the French and North American retail subsidiaries, AELIA, RELAIS H and HDS RNA.

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