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30-Minute Meals, Jamie Oliver: Over 1.5 million copies sold in six months in the UK


Lagardère Publishing

Paris, August 22, 2011

Jamie Oliver

“Whether you’re an experienced chef or a beginner, this book will help you succeed.

I’m convinced that if you adopt my method, it will change the way you cook forever. The most revolutionary thing about these meals is not that they can be made quickly (although that is true) or even that the recipes contain lots of tricks and tips (also true), but that I present them in a completely original way, guiding you step-by-step through the creation of a complete meal. In just 30 minutes, you can make a main dish with all the trimmings, a starter, a dessert and even a beverage, all homemade. I have created 50 great meals for you, including meat and vegetarian dishes, pasta recipes, quick desserts and savoury curries, as well as other dishes you would never have imagined could be made in so little time.

This book will help you prepare meals for your family quickly and with style. You will learn to use your kitchen in a completely new, fun way, and will be amazed at the results.” – Jamie Oliver

French publication date: 24 August 2011

288 pages
189 x 246

Press contact:

Johanna Rodrigue - Tel : 33 1 43 92 32 46 -

About Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon in the cooking world. One of television's best-loved stars and one of the best-known Brits outside the UK, he has succeeded in getting people to spend more time in the kitchen. Translated into over 30 languages, his cookbooks are bestsellers all over the world. His latest title, published as Jamie's 30-Minute Meals in the UK in 2010 and as Jamie 30 Minutes Chrono in France in 2011, is the first of Jamie's books to break the one-million mark in sales. The programme tied in to the book is currently broadcast on CUISINE.TV.

See it on CUISINE.TV!

In "Jamie's 30-Minute Meals" ("Les Menus Express de Jamie Oliver"), the recipes and techniques for making an entire meal in less than 30 minutes are presented in each 40-minute episode. Meals are prepared in real time as Jamie gives detailed explanations to make it easy for viewers to recreate the dishes at home.

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