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  Constance BenquéCONSTANCE BENQUÉ
Chair, Lagardère News
Lagardère News




Lagardère News : a media compagny at the heart of the CSR revolution

The last two years have seen unprecedented acceleration and real awareness of social, societal and environmental concerns. As a media company, Lagardère News is at the heart of this (r)evolution.

We have adopted a strategy to reduce our environmental impact following our carbon footprint assessment and implemented a more responsible sourcing policy by means of CSR assessments of all our suppliers.
More than ever, we support equality, diversity and inclusion while also enhancing skills development and stepping up our efforts to improve quality of life in the workplace. We are committed to raising awareness among all our employees about CSR and best practices to be adopted, in both their private and working lives.

In addition to these efforts, which make Lagardère News a responsible company, the contents of our media outlets-which attract more than 5.6 million listeners per day, more than 3.3 million readers per week and 9.6 million unique visitors to our digital platforms-have real power to influence people. This societal responsibility is now central to our two core focuses of information and entertainment, with a number of initiatives such as the “Les Héros de la Planète” editorial series in Paris Match, showcasing men and women working to address the environmental crisis, or La France bouge on Europe 1, a true “Tour de France” of engaged, positive and innovative initiatives. This responsibility also extends beyond France, thanks to the 45 international editions of the Elle network, which each year publish over 1,000 pages of editorial on CSR issues produced by the Elle International teams based in Paris (France).

2021 also saw the launch of the Fur Free initiative, banning the promotion of animal fur in editorial and advertising. This decision was unanimously adopted by the Elle Network’s editorial teams around the world.

Lastly, our advertising sales brokerage business has introduced specific offers to help our advertisers communicate in an engaged way.
These adaptations are necessary in view of the challenges facing us all. We will succeed by working together.

  Lagardère News: a media company at the heart of the CSR revo