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Advertising Director, Le Journal du Dimanche,
CSR coordinator, Lagardère Publicité News
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Lagardère Publicité News ramps up its CSR efforts with its partners

The health crisis has ramped up the need for brands to speak out about their commitments and increased their responsibility towards their customers, suppliers and employees, who are increasingly concerned and demanding about CSR matters.

This is reflected by the study launched in 2021 by Lagardère Publicité News confirming that our audiences (listeners, readers and internet users) are more attentive than the average French audience to CSR matters.
In total, 58% of our readers and listeners state that they are now more interested in CSR (9 points higher than for French people on the whole). And significantly, 39% think that consumers play one of the most decisive roles in this transition. Aware of the impact of their consumer choices, 66% state that they favour products from brands with a social and environmental commitment.

On the basis of our profound and firmly rooted convictions, we have structured our approach and shared it more widely with our stakeholders by getting our editorial teams involved in a variety of topics. These include environmental topics, for example with the “Les Héros de la Planète” sections and conferences, societal topics with the creation of Europe 1 Solidaire to support young people during the health crisis, and continuation of the “Trophées Europe 1 de l’Avenir” awards or the “Demain” roundtable events organised by Le Journal du Dimanche.

We intend to do even more in 2022 with the launch of responsible advertising services and the creation of a carbon calculator to measure the carbon footprint of advertisements in order to reduce their impact.

You can join in throughout the year to keep up with our progress.

  Lagardère Publicité News ramps up its CSR efforts with its p