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Human Resources Director,
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Working from home : setting the right pace for each activity

Working from home abruptly became part of our lives two years ago. Initially made necessary by the ongoing health crisis, it is now being implemented on a voluntary and sensible basis within our entities. Although it is highly popular with employees and managers, who recognise the undeniable advantages (flexibility, autonomy, saving time, increased productivity, better work/life balance), implementing working from home nevertheless requires a fine balancing act. Its repeated use has revealed certain negative side effects such as isolation, working separately, loss of team spirit and reduced interaction.

Within the Lagardère group, working from home has found the right pace for each of the various business lines, with Corporate staff working from home two or three days a week, while Lagardère Publishing employees work from home two days a week and in the office three days a week in order to maintain teamwork and a high level of creativity. At Lagardère Travel Retail, the large majority of employees (excluding those in cross-departmental roles) are in retail positions that cannot be done from home. It is therefore essential to ensure a balance between those who benefit from working from home and other employees.

Working from home now forms an integral part of our everyday working lives. Over time, it will help to improve working conditions for everyone, as well as team performance, making work in the 21st century able to reconcile environmental, economic and social concerns without putting them in opposition with each other.

  Working from home: setting the right pace for each activity