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Executive Vice-President Foodservice and CSR,
Lagardère Travel Retail
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Lagardère Travel Retail : first internationak assessment to reduce its environmental impact more quickly 

Lagardère Travel Retail is committed to limiting its impact on the environment and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions is a central part of its strategy.

In 2021, we conducted our first carbon footprint assessment, spurred on by the Lagardère group and with the support of Carbone 4, a consulting firm specialising in decarbonisation and adapting to climate change. This exhaustive assessment-covering all three scopes (Scopes 1, 2 & 3), namely direct emissions, indirect emissions and all other emissions-was carried out in six countries representing three quarters of our operations in terms of value.

The results allowed us to work out our low-carbon trajectories in accordance with the principles of the Science Based Targets Initiative. We are now working on a detailed evaluation of our ability to reduce our impact, going beyond the measures already taken over a number of years to reduce our energy consumption.

As the vast majority (95%) of our emissions are indirect, this poses a huge challenge, but we are putting in place the governance and external partnerships needed to achieve our objectives.

In the course of 2022, we will announce how we intend to achieve these objectives and realise our ambition of playing a leading role in the Travel Retail industry’s transition towards a more responsible model, and actively contributing to combating climate change.

  Lagardère Travel Retail: first international assessment to r