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Group Compliance Officer,
Lagardère group




Training at the heart of combating corruption

The Lagardère group’s success is dependent on a set of principles and values that form the basis of its identity and have always guided its actions.

With regard to combating corruption, the Group applies a zero tolerance policy, which is reasserted in its Code of Ethics. The implementation of this principle is reflected by the rollout of a general framework that meets legal requirements and inspired by best practices.

However, effective compliance requires awareness of this crucial aspect among the Group’s employees.
Training is a central part of any compliance policy and constitutes one of the key stepping stones between setting out values or procedures and the various forms of controls and sanctions.

In 2022, the Lagardère group will continue to support its employees who are most exposed to the risk of corruption with appropriating these ethical principles.
The Group’s various entities have been asked to define a periodic training programme that takes account of the diversity of their operations and puts the emphasis on compliance procedures, as well as the roles and responsibilities of employees in executing this policy.

The training programme covers all levels of responsibility at Lagardère. The integrity of the men and women who make up the Group constitutes one of the most valuable advantages in conducting its business activities.
It therefore aims to ensure regular training for all exposed employees.

  Training at the heart of combating corruption