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CSR and Communication Specialist,
Lagardère Travel Retail Romania





Responsible management of foodservice activities

Faced with the challenge of food waste, the staff at Lagardère Travel Retail in Romania have made a commitment by means of CSR initiatives and targeted commercial actions.

Through partnerships with the charity Caritas and the Life and Light and Metropolis foundations, our staff have provided meals for people in difficulty by donating surplus ultra-fresh produce from around 15 of our outlets. This initiative has also allowed for the direct involvement of 15 employees, who for a fortnight in August 2019 volunteered for Caritas by collecting surplus food from four of our stores.
Thanks to the commitment of these staff, more than 4,092 fresh food products close to expiry were donated.

A promotional offer was also developed with the same aim. This offers a discount of 40% after 16 hours on a selection of sandwiches, pastries and salads close to expiry at around ten 1Minute stores and two Hub Convenience stores. This means our customers can help to limit food waste and support sustainable development while also benefiting from significant reductions on fresh products.

Following on from the success of these initiatives in 2019, our staff are looking to extend their commitment to other charitable partners and develop end-of-day promotional offers on a wider basis.


  Fighting food waste in Romania
1minute outlet managed by Lagardère Travel Retail (Romania).