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Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Lagardère group



With the Paris climate change agreement signed during COP21 at the end of the year, 2015 was a crucial and exciting year for CSR in the Lagardère group, and it honed its CSR approach for the coming years.

The Group’s roadmap has been validated by the stakeholder panel set up in 2015 and forms part of its responsible governance approach. That approach now features four key areas of commitment focusing on talent, digital technology, media responsibility (which focused mainly on climate change in 2015) and environmental responsibility in the Group’s business activities.

The Lagardère group is aware that measurement is crucial to progress, and so it set up a new system for collecting workforce-related, social and environmental data that will enable it to address those issues in a more detailed, reliable way.

Finally, the progress the Group made with ratings from financial agencies analysing its performance, and the fact that it entered or remained in four ESG indexes(1), bode well for the future.

(1) Vigeo Euronext Europe 120, Eurozone 120, MSCI (MSCI Global Sustainability Index Series) and STOXX® (Global ESG Leaders) indices.