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Co-Managing Partner of the Lagardère group, Chief Human Relations,
Communications and Sustainable Development Officer


In accordance with its commitment to CSR, the Lagardère group has taken the initiative to enhance dialogue with stakeholders, in order to interact with them more effectively. Accordingly, we organised an initial two meetings in 2015 in order to collect advice, expectations and criticism regarding our CSR policy from people belonging to organisations or groups that could have an impact on Lagardère’s activities and vice-versa.

The stakeholder panel is designed to be a forum for dialogue and has a consultative role. It is intended to contribute to the Group’s forward-looking discussions regarding its main workforce-related, social and environmental issues, in order to make CSR a driver of innovation and performance.
The opinions and recommendations of panel members have prompted us to adjust our CSR roadmap for the next few years, in line with our business model. As a result, the stakeholder panel is an innovative forum for dialogue and a real opportunity for the Group to make progress.