Hachette Pratique is the leader in the French practical-book market and has international reach, particularly through its Art-Thérapie and Simplissime collection phenomena. Hachette Pratique publishes 400 titles per year covering a complete range of practical activities: Cookery and wine (publisher of chefs Anne-Sophie Pic, Jean-François Piège, Jean-François Mallet, Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi, the Hachette Wine Guide, etc.), Arts and Crafts, Parenting and Education, Personal Development, Well-being and Health, and more. Besides practical guides, Hachette Pratique also publishes Hachette Heroes on pop culture, Le Lotus et l’Éléphant and and Les Insolentes, a feminist collection, which guides readers along the many paths to spiritual development. As the publisher that introduced boxed sets to the French market, Hachette Pratique is committed to a constant pursuit of innovation, ensuring that its products appeal as widely as possible in terms of both form and content.


Division : Lagardère Publishing


58, rue Jean Bleuzen - CS 70007
92 178 Vanves Cedex

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Catherine Saunier-Talec

General Manager

Mathlide Noizet

Marketing Manager