Becoming a shareholder

All Lagardère SA shares are registered shares. Thanks to this form of shareholding, all shareholders are systematically invited to the General Meeting and can vote by post. Shareholders also qualify for double voting rights after holding their shares for four (4) consecutive years and are informed of Group news and events on a regular basis.

Becoming a shareholder of Lagardère SA

Ways of holding Lagardère SA shares

Shares can be held in two ways:

In a registered account (nominatif pur)  
In a registered account administered by an independent investment services provider (nominatif administré)

Your shares are registered directly in the Lagardère SA register and in no other register.

You buy your Lagardère SA shares directly through Société Générale Securities Services (SGSS), which manages shareholder registration services for Lagardère SA, and will be your sole point of contact.

There are no custody fees.

You buy your Lagardère SA shares from the financial institution of your choice, following that institution's rules and procedures. Your financial institution manages your shares and is your point of contact.

Your shares are still registered in the Lagardère SA register, which enables the Group to identify you and contact you directly.

Main advantages of holding your shares in a registered account with Lagardère SA

  • no custody fees;
  • dividends paid directly on the settlement date approved at the General Meeting;
  • free processing of standard instructions relating to ordinary transactions in the securities account: (i.e., transfers, donations, conveyance, etc.);
  • free transmission of selling instructions for your shares;
  • prompt receipt of the various documents related to account transactions on both a regular basis and by special request at no charge, including by email.

Main drawbacks of holding your shares in a registered account with Lagardère SA

  • You cannot choose the trading account manager;
  • The registered account is unique for each company. If you own shares in your name in multiple companies, you will have as many registered share accounts as there are companies;
  • You will receive an account statement and tax form (IFU) for every line of registered accounts.

To help you to choose the way of holding best suited to your needs, we suggest yo
Marchés Financiers (AMF), that offers criteria for making a decision. This article can be found on the AMF's website by clicking here (this document is only available in French).

We also invite you to review the guide for retail investors also available on the AMF's website by clicking here (this document is only available in French).

Buying and selling Lagardère SA shares

Placing buy and sell orders

For your order to be valid, the following information must be included:
- your identity
- whether the order is to buy or sell shares
- the name of the share and/or the ISIN code (Lagardère SA/ISIN FR0000130213)
- the number of shares to buy or sell
- the relevant account number
- the validity of the order
- the type of order

Types of order

A limit order is the simplest and safest type of order. It is placed with a maximum (to buy shares) or minimum (to sell shares) price,determined by the person placing the order. The order will only be executed if the market price rises above (buy) or falls below (sell) thelimit set.

A market order is an order to buy or sell with no price limit. Ittakes priority over other types of order and is executed immediately (or at the opening price, if placed before 9:00 a.m.), provided that a buyer or seller can be found in the order book and subject to the reservation thresholds set in the market trading rules.

A best limit order is entered without a determined price. At market opening, it becomes a limit order with the opening price as the limit. During the trading session, it changes into a limit order at the price of the best bid (buy) or ask (sell) entered in the order book. This type of order is suited to buyers or sellers looking to execute a quick transaction.

Order validity

A day order is valid for the duration of the trading session. If it is not executed during the session, it will be cancelled and removed from the order book. Unless executed or cancelled by the person placing the order, a "good till date" order will remain valid until the date indicated, while a "good till cancelled" order will remain valid until the limit set by the broker.

How do I place my order?

For shareholders whose shares are held in a registered account, SGSS is at your disposal to manage all transactions relating to your shares and to assist you with tracking and managing your share portfolio, through various services:

  • the Sharinbox website, available at , via which you can submit your buy and sell orders;
  • the Nomilia customer service centre, available on +33 (0)2 51 85 67 89 (toll-free number in France), via which you can obtain information 24/7 and speak to an adviser Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Paris time;
  • a dedicated fax number for updating your personal information: +33 (0)2 51 85 62 15.

SGSS records the date and time of all orders received and transmits thempromptly to selected brokers for execution according to the order-giver's instructions. Orders received on days when the markets areclosed are transmitted the next trading day, depending on the time required to process and send them.

Shares acquired are registered in your registered account in the issuer register kept by SGSS.

In order to buy and sell Lagardère SA shares directly from SGSS, you must be a shareholder with a registered account and have signed two copies of the agreement for account opening and stock market services.

For shareholders whose shares are held in a registered account administered by an independent investment services provider,your financial intermediary will execute your buy and sell orders according to your instructions. The shares will be credited to your securities account in the books of your chosen financial intermediary and recorded as administered registered shares in the issuer register kept by SGSS for Lagardère SA.

You will then have the option of transferring your shares into directly registered form (nominatif pur) with SGSS:

  • by completing the transfer form and sending it to your intermediary; and
  • signing two copies of the agreement for account opening and stock market services with SGSS.

Please contact your financial intermediary to find out the time frames and fees for transferring your shares.

Contact information

For any questions concerning Lagardère SA shares, you can contact the Investor Relations Department using the

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