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Becoming a shareholder

Lagardère SCA has chosen to issue its securities primarily in registered form. Thanks to this form of shareholding, all shareholders who hold their shares through a French custodian:
  • Are systematically invited to attend general shareholder meetings and can vote by correspondence.
  • Benefit from double voting rights after holding securities for four consecutive years.
  • Are informed of events and news affecting the group on a regular basis.

How to become a shareholder

Simply place a buy order for Lagardère SCA securities with the financial institution of your choice, following the financial institution’s applicable rules and procedures. For your order to be valid, your instructions must specify at a minimum:

  • The number of shares you wish to buy.
  • The method of executing the order on the market (Euronext Paris):

    • A limit order: in this case you specify the maximum price at which you wish buy the securities as well as the time period during which your buy instructions remain in effect.
    • A market order: in this case, your instructions will be executed at the market price as soon as they are transmitted by your broker to Euronext Paris.
    • N.B.: Certain brokers also offer deferred settlement systems (Système de Règlement Différé or SRD).

  • Once your buy instructions have been executed, settled and delivered, the Lagardère SCA shares:

    • Will be credited to your securities account in the books of your chosen financial intermediary.
    • Registered in your name in the issuer register kept by the BNP PARIBAS Securities Services Company on behalf of Lagardère SCA.

  • You will then have the option of transferring your securities to Lagardere SCA register - the BNP PARIBAS Securities Services Company (which is duly mandated by Lagardère SCA to provide this service). In order to do so you have to :

Main advantages of holding your shares in a registered account:

  • There are no custody fees.
  • Dividends are paid directly via bank transfer or cheque, without the payment of a commission, on the settlement date decided upon at the annual meeting.
  • Free processing of standard instructions relating to ordinary transactions in the securities account: (i.e. transfers, donations, conveyance).
  • Execution at no charge, according to the shareholder’s instructions, of security transactions in the event of capital increases, allotment of shares or other financial transactions.
  • Transmission of selling instructions for the shareholder’s securities.
  • You are ensured of promptly receiving various documents related to account transactions on both a regular basis and by special request at no charge, including:

    • Statements of account and notification of security transactions.

  • Assistance with income tax declarations for accounts of private individuals who are French residents:

    • Annual account summary (including security holding periods – cf. taxation – and cost price when available).
    • IFU (Imprimé fiscal unique or Combined fiscal summary).
    • Assistance with declaration 2074.
    • ISF (French wealth tax) valuation of securities account.
  • You are informed individually, rapidly and in full of facts and events concerning the company’s corporate life: 
  • You receive convocations to general shareholders’ meetings.
  • You are personally sent documents concerning other meetings or financial transactions.
  • You receive letters to shareholders.
  • You have access to a secure Internet service – – allowing you to consult your accounts, including the following information (to date):

    • For registered accounts opened with BNP PARIBAS Securities Services:

      • Balances broken down by origin of securities (ordinary, pledged, employee securities etc.)
      • List of transactions debited and credited to your account.
      • A historical log listing the payment of your dividends.
      • Method and details of the payment of your dividends.
      • Addresses.
      • IFU (combined fiscal summary listing details of security transactions).
      • Double voting rights acquired or scheduled for future allotment.

    • For shares registered in accounts opened at a financial institution:
      • Balances broken down per institution acting as custodian account holder.
      • Double voting rights acquired or scheduled for future allotment.

Fees paid by the shareholders

Commissions paid to BNP Paribas
Securities Services


Annual fee € Excl. Tax

  Stock market services
  Brokerage commission Negotiation gross
0.40% below 330 k €
0.20% above 330 k €
with a minimum of 6.10 €
  Paper / Fax order By transaction 15
  Check payment By payment 8
  Cashless fees
  Interest rate on financing of a cashless exercise By exercise EONIA +2%
(on a minimum of 3 days)*
*Pursuant to articles L313-1, R313-1 and R313-20 of the French Consumer Code

Download the documents:

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The Lagardère group

Created in 1992, Lagardère is an international group with operations in more than 40 countries worldwide. It employs over 30,000 people and generated revenue of €7,211 million in 2019.
Under the impetus of the Group's General and Managing Partner, Arnaud Lagardère, in 2018, the Group launched a strategic refocusing around two priority divisions: Lagardère Publishing and Lagardère Travel Retail.


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