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Paris Match
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Paris Match

Paris Match, France's leading news magazine in both audience and circulation, aims to tell the stories of the human adventure each week - the stories we see and the stories we don't always see, spanning the four corners of the globe.
It occupies a unique niche in the market with its combination of information and entertainment targeted to an audience of more than 14 million people.

More than ever in 2019, as it celebrates its 70th anniversary, the magazine is reaffirming its motto - "the weight of words, the shock of photos" - as conveyed by eyewitness journalism and high visual standards and driven by an ongoing pursuit of the truth.

Paris Match brings readers to the heart of events: with feeling, during the fire at Notre Dame or following the death of Jacques Chirac; with truthfulness, during political developments or behind the scenes at the G7; with excitement, as at the marriage of Charlotte and Dimitri.

Now a true 360° media brand, backed by its extraordinary photo archives boasting several million photographs, Paris Match is pursuing further growth by creating special editions that alternately focus on public icons or critical issues of the day; by organizing events, exhibitions and auctions... and most recently by launching an online photo shop.

Instagram: @parismatch_magazine
Twitter: @ParisMatch

Site web :


Division : Corporate and other activities


2 Rue des Cévennes
75015 Paris

email :
Tel : (33) 1 80 20 30 00


Anne-Violette Revel
Executive Director and Publisher
email :

Hervé Gattegno
Directeur général des rédactions Le Journal du Dimanche et Paris Match
email :

Olivier Royant
Directeur de la rédaction
email :


Média, Presse, Édition de revues et périodiques

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