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Virgin Radio: increasing numbers of listeners who are fans of its pop-music playlist!


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Paris, July 16, 2013

More listeners than ever are flocking to Virgin Radio’s pop-music playlist. Year-on-year, the station’s audience has grown in three key targets:

With 45,000 new listeners year-on-year, Virgin Radio attracts 2.328 million listeners ages 13 and up every day.

Increasing numbers of 25- to 49-year-olds are pop-music fans

Virgin Radio’s cumulative audience increased year-on-year and gained ground over the previous sweeps period. In one year, Virgin Radio has attracted 155,000 new listeners ages 25-49, rising 12% in cumulative audience in this target to 7.3% overall.

Up 0.2 point in audience share, to 3.5%.

Women are listening to Virgin Radio

In this target, Virgin Radio gained cumulative audience year-on-year, with a 2% increase compared to the previous sweeps period.

Virgin Radio wins over the 25-34 and 35-49 age groups

  • 25-34 age group: up 69,000 listeners, a 10% increase
  • 35-49 age group: up 86,000 listeners, a 14% increase

During the weekend, Virgin Radio is the only music station with a year-on-year rise in both indicators in the 13-and-up demographic:

  • Saturday: up 5% in cumulative audience and up 0.1 point in audience share
  • Sunday: up 18% in cumulative audience and up +0.2 point in audience share

Virgin Radio thus continues to gain ground and generate excitement for both its music and live programming, evidence that the station’s managers have hit upon the right strategy.

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Véronique Dumon - +33 (0)1 56 36 55 76 -

Source: Médiamétrie 126,000 Radio survey/April-June 2013 vs. January-March 2013 and April-June 2012/average Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday 5 am-midnight/targets: 13 and up/ages 25-49/women/ages 25-34/ages 35-49 - indicators: CA and AS.

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