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Virgin Radio has gained in popularity in the Paris region in all indicators with the 25-34 age group


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Paris, July 23, 2013

Virgin Radio has been attracting and retaining new listeners ages 25 to 34, its core market, both over the year and in single sweeps periods.
More and more listeners ages 25-34 are tuning in to Virgin Radio, and they’re listening longer:

  • 33% increase in cumulative audience over one year to 5.5% (up 10% in one sweeps period)
  • 1.8-percentage-point increase in audience share over one year, to 4% (up 1.4 percentage point over one sweeps period)
  • An additional 18 minutes in average listening time, reaching a total of 68 minutes (13 more minutes over a single sweeps period)

In the 13-and-up age group, Virgin Radio has gained a wider audience both over one year (up 0.1 point) and in one sweeps period (up 0.2 point)

  • 0.5% increase in audience share over one year (up 0.4 point in one sweeps period)
  • 42% growth in the average quarter-hour (21% growth in one sweeps period)

The Pop Music playlist: more popular than ever with listeners in the Paris region

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Véronique Dumon - +33 (0)1 56 36 55 76 -

Source: Médiamétrie 126,000 IDF. April-June 2013, January-March 2013 and April-June 2012. Average for Monday-Friday, 5 am-midnight. Targets: 13 and up, ages 25-34

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