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Virgin Radio bets on its core target audience (Médiamétrie results)


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Paris, January 15, 2013

In recent weeks, Virgin Radio’s teams have been hard at work behind the scenes putting the finishing touches on the station’s repositioning. This transition period culminated on 7 January with the launch of Virgin Radio’s new pop-music programming.

Listeners in the 25-34 age group, Virgin Radio’s true core target, reacted positively to these very first changes with:

  • An additional 10 minutes in average listening time, reaching a total of 67 minutes.
  • A 0.4 percentage point increase in audience share, to 5.2%.
  • A 10% increase in average quarter-hour share over one year.

2,155,000 listeners in the 13-and-up demographic listen to Virgin Radio daily.

Cyril Hanouna carries on and carries the day!

In one year, the morning show’s 13-and-up audience share grew by 0.2 of a percentage point.

Each morning at 6-9 am, Cyril Hanouna and his team wake up 1,097,000 listeners aged 13 and up.

Virgin Radio achieved the strongest growth in audience share in the 25-34 demographic with:

  • A 1.8 percentage point increase in audience share, to 6.7%.
  • A 41% increase in average quarter-hour share over one year.
  • A 12-minute increase in average listening time.

“Cyril Hanouna’s morning show is a fantastic springboard for the launch of the station’s new programming schedule,” affirms Roberto Ciurleo, Virgin Radio’s managing director. “We are tackling 2013 with great conviction and determination in our effort to turn Virgin Radio around,” states Richard Lenormand, executive director of Lagardère Active.

Presse Contact:

Véronique Dumon - 33 1 56 36 55 76 -

Source: Médiamétrie 126,000 Radio survey - Nov-Dec 2012 vs. Nov-Dec 2011; Monday-Friday averages, 5 am-midnight and 6-9 am - targets: 13-and-up and 25-34 demographics - indicators: average quarter-hour share, audience share and average listening time.

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