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Travel Experience Voices: an industry-wide global research into Travel Retail and Dining trends


Lagardère Travel Retail

30 March, 2023

Lagardère Travel Retail has published today the second report in the “Travel Experience Voices” series, building on more than 20 face-to-face interviews with top airport and brand executives from across the globe. This report, named “Pathways to growth”, showcases how industry stakeholders are taking proactive measures to prepare their businesses for the future, and to play their part in creating a more sustainable Travel Retail and Dining industry.  These in-depth insights are supplemented with key findings from a quantitative online survey of 200 airports and brands, in 29 countries. This year, the report also includes perspectives from subject-matter experts. 

Building on the success of the first edition of the Travel Experience Voices research published last year, Lagardère Travel Retail has leveraged this year again its strong relationships with airport landlords and brands globally, and across three business lines operated by the group, to create this new report. Key insights and data in the report reveal how airports and brands plan to respond to the challenges introduced by climate change, how they are adapting and innovating to better address consumers’ expectations and elevate the travel experience. The research also covers partners’ views about the importance of driving greater local authenticity in airport commerce, to meet travelers’ demand for genuine and authentic experience as well as to make a positive contribution to local economies and communities. 

Travel Experience Voices is a B2B research survey into global Travel Retail and Dining trends, developed by Lagardère Travel Retail. It highlights the steps taken by industry stakeholders to futureproof their businesses to thrive in the years ahead and to contribute to building a more sustainable future. 

Insights in the “Pathways to growth” report are based on face-to-face interviews with 20 airport and 7 brand senior executives globally, and also on results from an online survey of 66 airports and 144 brands in 29 countries. The interviews and surveys were conducted between December and February 2023. 

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