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The new Bescherelle “pour tous” collection


Lagardère Publishing

Paris, July 24, 2006

“An essential guide to the finer points of French grammar and the top selling book in France at the start of every new school year, the “Bescherelle” has consolidated its position in 2006. To protect its essential status in French schoolbags and bookcases, this collection of grammar books with a slogan sure to stop that red pen in its tracks, “Without Bescherelle, you’ll get it all wrong!”, has reprinted its three flagship books.

A true bible for schoolchildren and university students alike, the “Bescherelle” has been revamped to correct us even more effectively.

The Bescherelle “pour tous” collection (Bescherelle for all)

Bescherelle, la Conjugaison “pour tous” 
This latest version of the Bescherelle guide to conjugation features a new page layout designed to increase the clarity of the verb tables.
  • 88 model tables (12,000 verbs)
  • Simple explanations of all agreements and usagerules
  • Information about the agreement of the past participle of each verb, presented in an alphabetical list
  • Clear presentation of groups, tenses and moods; morphology, syntax and values of verbs, and much more.
Bescherelle , l’Orthographe pour tous
The Bescherelle spelling guide opens with a section on “Writing sounds”, based on the phonological method currently used to teach reading and spelling in French primary schools:
  • Rules to help you spell words correctly
  • Rules for agreements
  • Meanings and spellings of homonyms
  • Etymology
Bescherelle, laGrammaire pour tous
Now divided into three sections, the new Bescherelle grammar guide features an additional 32 pages providing a structured description of the French language, from words to sentences to text.

  • Grammatical concepts arranged in alphabetical order
  • Simple rules, explaining one point at a time
  • Tools to help you analyze groups of words, sentences and text
  • Relationships between traditional and modern grammar
  • Examples with comments, to promote understanding and recall
  • Summary tables
  • An index of difficulties

Some reassurance for all those dreamers who spent their French lessons gazing out of the window: these three essential Bescherelle books are more practical and comprehensive than ever.

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