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The Fondation Hachette’s 2024 call for projects is open until February 24


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Vanves, 23 January 2024

Promote reading and writing!

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The Fondation Hachette pour la lecture is launching its 2024 call for projects, following two initial calls that led to backing for some 20 initiatives. The Fondation invites submissions from non-profit organizations leading a project that promotes reading, writing, and the French language more generally to any audience. 

Through the projects it supports, the Fondation Hachette pour la lecture, which operates under the aegis of the Fondation de France, aims to fulfill two main missions:

  • help prevent illiteracy and combat school dropout, through efforts aimed at young children, young people and their families, and help a wide audience to discover and enjoy reading;
  • advance the teaching of reading and writing, including remedial courses, to improve job opportunities, inclusion and integration for disenfranchised populations (people with disabilities, inmates, unemployed people, etc.).

In this third call for projects, the Fondation Hachette will strive to support ambitious projects, which may be emerging or already in the implementation phase.

The amount of funding awarded will be based on the needs of the non-profits and projects submitted. For more information about the Fondation Hachette pour la lecture’s call for projects or to apply:

The Fondation Hachette pour la lecture was launched in late 2021 under the aegis of the Fondation de France and works to promote reading, writing and the French language more generally to all audiences, including children, young people in the broadest sense of the term, and others who are not engaged in or kept from reading.

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