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The ELLE Foundation: In Iloilo, Philippines, the Cameleon Association takes in, cares for and rehabilitates young girls who have suffered sexual violence


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Paris, June 27, 2013

On average, they stay at the Cameleon centre for three years and are then reintegrated into their families. If that isn’t possible, they’re placed with a foster family.

To help families – especially mothers – assume their full role, the association monitors them regularly and offers them training in ways to generate a small income.

That’s the case with Jenny, age 50. To make sure her children could go to school, she asked Cameleon for help and was offered training as a cook.

“I’m lucky to have this support from Cameleon, because now I can send my kids to secondary school. I’ve very proud of that. During the culinary training, I received a lot of recipes, especially for cookies. I decided to try to start selling some of them on the street, and it worked. Then I asked the city for permission to set up a small kiosk in front of the University of Bingawan. Every day I offer the things I make to students, professors and passers-by. I’m getting more and more customers! I earn a good living, even better than my husband. I’m very proud that I can help to improve my family’s day-to-day life in this way.”

A partner since 2011, the ELLE Foundation continues to support Cameleon in 2013.

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