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RFM: largest increase among adult music stations


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Paris, July 17, 2012

Best audience share in four years

With 2.43 million daily listeners, RFM wins 235,000 new listeners in one year.
At 1.44 hours, it has the longest listening time of any music station.

It has also boosted its position as the second-leading adult music station, with audience share of 3.3%.

RFM is the only adult music station to show gains in all indicators over one year and the course of one sweeps period.

  • Audience share up 0.5 of a point over one year and 0.4 of a point during a sweeps period.
  • Cumulative audience share up 0.4 of a point over one year and 0.3 of a point during a sweeps period.
  • Up 8 minutes in listening time over one year and 7 minutes during a sweeps period.

Le Meilleur des réveils attracts record audience
With 2.8% audience share, this RFM morning programme has become the most popular morning music show for adults. Some 1.2 million listeners* tune in to Le Meilleur des réveils each morning from 6 to 9 am, representing an increase of 203,000 listeners in one year.
This sure bet’s key features – a close relationship with listeners, warmth, friendliness and humour – will be bolstered in the fall by Bruno Roblès and his team.

Richard Lenormand, executive director of Lagardère Active’s Radio & Television division, is very pleased with these results, “which demonstrate the expert skills of our teams, especially Jean Isnard and Jean Philippe Denac.

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Source: Médiamétrie 126,000.April-June 2012 - April-June 2011 - January-March 2012
*Average for Monday-Friday, 5 am to midnight and 6-9 am
Targets: ages 13 and up
*Exact audience size: 1.19 million

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