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Results of the Annual Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Lagardère SCA


Corporate & other activities, Finance

Paris, May 3, 2016

The Annual Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company was held on Tuesday, 3 May 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. The quorum reached by the shareholders present, represented or having voted by mail or online was in excess of 64 % of the shares with voting rights.

After a summary presentation of the operations, the strategy and the results of the Company and the Group, the Managing Partners and the Group’s key executives answered all the questions raised by the shareholders.

All the proposed resolutions presented by the Managing Partners were approved including those relating to:

  • the amount of the dividend set at €1.30 per share, which has an ex-dividend date of 6 May 2016 and will be paid as of 10 May 2016, passed by 99.57 %;
  • the favourable advisory opinions on the components of remuneration payable or granted to the Managing Partners in respect of 2015, passed by 95.88 % and 91.87 %;
  • the re-appointment as members of the Supervisory Board of Nathalie Andrieux and Hélène Molinari for a term of four years and of Georges Chodron de Courcel, Pierre Lescure and François Roussely for a term of three years, passed by more than 98 %;
  • the authorisations given to the Managing Partners to award free shares to Group’s executives and employees, passed by 97.44 % and 85.26 %.

The ballot results on each resolution are presented in the following document.

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