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R-Kiosk (HDS store chain) now in shopping malls in Czech Republic


Lagardère Travel Retail

Paris, December 11, 2003

As part of a new project of a shopping mall format of R-Kiosks in Czech Republic, CZ Retail opened a pilot store on 27th November 2003 in a TESCO in Karlovy Vary (Western Bohemia).

9 other R-kiosk shops are already opened mainly in Prague street locations.

The concept is still focused on convenience products : press (45%), tobacco and tobacco related products (30%), beverages, food, confectionary (25% for non-press and non-tobacco products) with a size of 30 to 60 sqm.

Some novelties : continuous light boxes and boxes for NRI, improvements for cash desk shelves, 3D logo sign, entrance …. The objective is to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

First results are quite encouraging. The next step could be a R-kiosk format adapted to office buildings with a stronger emphasis on fresh food.

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