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Numilog signs new agreements with booksellers


Lagardère Publishing

Paris, July 3, 2009

Three of France’s largest independent booksellers, together with a Belgian and Quebecois bookseller, have signed agreements with Numilog pertaining to the commercialization of digital book offerings on their e-commerce websites.

Numilog, the leading French player in the digital book sector, announced that it had signed agreements with the Dialogue bookstore in Brest, the Gibert Jeune bookstores in Paris, the Mollat bookstore in Bordeaux, as well as with the D Livre bookstore in Belgium and the Archambault group, a subsidiary of Quebecor Media in Canada. These agreements include provisions to supply the booksellers’ e-commerce operations from Numilog’s catalogue of digital books, and for some of them, arrangements to provide full marketing services for digital books on e-commerce websites under the banners of these booksellers.

These five booksellers will thus draw from Numilog’s catalogue of digital books (containing 40,000 product listings to date from over 150 different publishers) by offering and promoting selected titles suited to their clientele, their identity, and reflecting their choices as booksellers. In all instances Numilog will handle the distribution of digital books to customers from orders placed on the booksellers’ websites.

These five contracts represent a new milestone for Numilog, demonstrating that its experience and know-how in the digital book sector make it a viable operational interface between publishers and booksellers that wish to position themselves on the digital books market.

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Founded in March 2000, Numilog has been a subsidiary of Hachette Livre since 2008; it is the leading aggregator of digital books in the French-language and the main representation and distribution platform for multi-format digital books (“e-books”) in France. As an interface between publishers and booksellers, Numilog plays an important role in all stages of the commercialization of digital books.
As a digital distributor/representative, Numilog makes its catalogue of over 40,000 digital titles (as of June 2009) available to booksellers. Under “white label” agreements (i.e. under the bookseller’s own trade name), it manages online sales (from order placement to delivery, including customer support) on booksellers’ e-commerce sites. With the benefit of its expertise acquired over a ten-year period, Numilog also creates and manages the operation of e-commerce websites for digital booksellers.

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