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Paris, April 29, 2003

In January 1994, Yves Sabouret was appointed Managing Director of NMPP by Jean-Luc Lagardère. After nine years at the helm, he has informed Mr Lagardère of his desire to leave this post during the course of 2003.

Arnaud Lagardère, who succeeded his father at the head of NMPP, agreed to his request and proposed to Mr Sabouret that he remain in the post until 30 June, from which date he will be moving to the group’s Head Office to take up a post working closely with the Chairman.

The years 1994-2003, NMPP succeeded in cutting rates and costs in half while increasing productivity per employee twofold during the same period. The company is today one of Europe’s most dynamic media distribution companies.

The strategic plan agreed to in 2000, with the unanimous backing of the supervisory board, has achieved most of its aims. The one exception has been the failure to push through necessary and urgent reforms in the Paris region. This matter has been long delayed as the company sought to reach a consensus, and the time for action has now arrived. Arnaud Lagardère has informed the supervisory board and the major pu NMPP + TP: change in key indicators

  1993 2002 2003 reassessed Change 2003/1993
Sales (in millions of €)
all products
2,785 2,933 2,919 4.80%
(permanent and temporary)
3,655 1,919
as of 01/01/2003
as of 01/01/2004
N° of depots 1,271 274 210  
N° of outlets 34,215 32,985 32,785


Sales per employee (in thousandsof €)
(productivity indicator)
762 1,528 1,712 124.70%
Cost of average Level 1 action (NMPP)
as a % of retail sales price
14.37% 8.38% 7.78% -45.9%*

* A total of €138 million in recurring savings for the benefit of titles distributed

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